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Find The Balanced Path

At The Tai Chi Studio

The Tai Chi Studio offers Classes/workshops and private tuition in

Yang family style Tai Chi


Five Element Chi Kung

Yang Style Tai Chi

We begin by learning a short form to allow you to understand some of the deeper principles and concepts of Tai Chi - we then go on to learn the long 108 step form before progressing to Push Hands, Sword forms - intermediate and advanced students go on to learn the martial art applications of the art. - classes are small and informal where everyone can learn at their own pace.

5 Element Chi Kung

5 Element Chi Kung works on the principles and concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine using static and moving exercises to open and relax the joints and muscles to allow greater Chi (energy) flow through the meridians of the body. I advise that if you have never practised Tai Chi that you begin with 5 Element Chi Kung classes - the forms are shorter and therefore easier to memorise building body and breathing awareness.

What can you expect to gain from practising Tai Chi and Chi Kung?

  • Improved posture
  • Body Awareness
  • coordination of movement and breathe
  • Stress Relief
  • Ease symptoms of Asthma/Fibromyalgia

And much more

The Tai Chi Studio,

Unit 12, Hall Farm and Business Centre,

Church Road,

Little Bentley, Essex

Telephone 07734-982438