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Find The Balanced Path

At The Tai Chi Studio


At a time in my life where I had a new job and was managing a difficult separation, I needed some time for me. I stumbled upon Dave, and Chi Kung (something that I had not even heard of). I attended a Saturday workshop, and have not looked back since (three years and counting...). I'm delighted to be exercising my body while simultaneously attending to my emotional needs. The studio is perfect, peaceful and warm in winter, with birdsong to be heard in the summer.


"Dave really knows what he is talking about, and I always feel better after each class. Tai Chi is brilliant for body awareness, and Xi Gong is very relaxing."


I love the Chi Kung classes because I always feel so much more relaxed after the class. A perfect antidote to the stresses of work.


"I have been attending Dave's Tai chi classes for many years and have gained a great deal from them in terms of increased flexibility and strength and also in balance, concentration and general well-being. Dave is an excellent teacher with patience to put up with slow learners like me! We all aspire to move like him and he encourages us to make tai chi an integral part of our lives."


I enjoy attending Dave's classes. He shares his knowledge in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. I feel safe and open to developing my practise at my own pace. He treats all his students as individuals and gives us specific assistance as and when we need it.


I developed an interest in Tai Chi over Twenty years ago when it started getting popular in this country. I joined several different classes over a period of 10 years. They were all very different in their approach to the art of Tai Chi and I have to say all were a complete disappointment. One lined us up like toy soldiers with robotic moves. Another had us sitting in a circle as a counseling session before attempting any Tai Chi moves and the third instructor was unable to diversify with the different levels of students ability and the form did not resemble Tai Chi at all. Therefore I gave up but never lost the desire to try again. Then two years ago I decided I needed to find another class that's when I was browsing online I found "Dave Allen The balanced path" How I wish I had found this little gem of a class sooner. An amazing instructor with many years of experience behind him with a true in depth knowledge of both the Tai Chi form and Chi Kung. Not just teaching the form but explaining the benefits and the power behind it. Every session is an enjoyable experience.

Dave takes no prisoners, but is a very down to earth guy. He Constantly inspires and gives encouragement to get the best from his students. Even though Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise, after each session you really feel you have had a good workout. I cannot recommend Dave highly enough. His tuition and expertise is of the highest standard.

These sessions have been an eye opening experience with so much to master but the health benefits are priceless. Long may it continue.

Thank you Dave!!


I have been coming along to Dave's workshops for a while now, I always leave feeling refreshed, energised and grounded. I enjoy all aspects of the workshops and have learnt many techniques that I use on a daily basis at home. Thanks Dave


Since starting Chi Kung I have never felt better, both physically and mentally. It is true 'me' time and I always feel so good in myself after a class with Dave. Even in my 70's I have noticed that my body is far more supple than it used to be and I love the idea of giving the internal organs a workout. Connecting with the elements is fascinating and it really works – if you let it! I heartily recommend this form of exercise to anyone of any age. Changes happen slowly, but you will be amazed at how good you can feel. Long may you continue Dave!, it is much appreciated. –


"I first encountered Dave at the winterfest event where he did a short session on Chi Gung, something I had never heard of, within just a few moves, I immediately felt the potential and went on to attend two workshops, and have since been attending private sessions with a friend. I can honestly say that it is a brilliant experience and each session feels like a gift to myself, I feel great and have been able to work through an awful lot of physical and emotional baggage. Dave is an instinctive instructor , talented and unassuming, he knows exactly where the work is needed before I do and the benefits have been huge and far reaching. He is able to effortlessly navigate around my lack of coordination and I experience eureka moments when everything falls into place. I have a long way to go but feel privileged to have Dave there to illuminate the path."


"Due to a medical condition diagnosed over 15 years ago, it was recommended by my consultant that I try tai chi. I knew very little about it at the time but I can honestly say all these years later, that it was the best advice I could ever have been given. I believe that it has kept me medication free and has improved both my physical and mental wellbeing Dave's knowledge of the subject is second to none and I thank him for his dedication and patience"

Chris A