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coronavirus and on line courses

Posted on July 19, 2020 at 7:15 AM
I find it a little disconcerting with all the cheap online diploma courses for Chi Kung and Tai Chi at the moment. Surely these diplomas are not teaching qualifications! I can only see this as a further watering down of Tai Chi and Chi Kung with people not willing to put the time or energy in to fully understand the principles and concepts of these arts. Ok, you might get some good theory through these courses but surely the exercises are impossible without one to one tuition. It is my experience that what people think they are doing and what they are actually doing are two completely different things. I am not saying that you cannot learn anything from on line courses, I have spent some of the time improving my guitar technique but at least I could play the guitar first and had a good knowledge of the theory and practice of music - it doesn't make me a teacher though!
So where are we going to go from here - Tai Chi has all but lost its true meaning with very few people teaching the Martial Art aspects of the art and I can see Chi Kung going the same way and becoming some 'happy clappy' version of what is a powerful energy/healing system of exercise.
That's all I have to say on the subject really except what will we do when everyone is a Tai Chi/Chi Kung/Yoga teacher!!! People have to have jobs in the first place to go out and find these classes and Covid19 seems to have pulled the rug out from beneath us dragging us into the worst recession ever.

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