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Kidney 1 and Percardium 8

Posted on January 28, 2020 at 10:38 AM
There are two acupressure points I ofter mention in Chi Kung and Tai Chi class - Kidney one and Pericardium eight

The Kidney one spot is located at the centre of the foot virtually next to the bottom of the ball of the foot - if you trace a straight line from your middle toe down through the foot you will come across a soft indentation (this is how you find a lot of acupressure points) and there it is!
it is the point we want to feel the majority of weight going to the floor when we stand in our static postures (wu ji etc) - it is an excellent spot to massage if you want to calm the mind or feel more grounded.

The Pericardium 8 point is located at the centre of the palm (trace down from the middle finger which is also the Pericardium meridian. this point is used by practitioners of energy healing and is also a power point for balancing the fire element. The Chinese name for the point is Lao Gong and also sometimes referred to as the 'Palace of Weariness

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